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For over fifty years Smalvic has been producing technological solutions for the built-in sector that give life to a wide, deep offer, characterized by stylistically refined products, able to interpret the users’ needs in different areas of the world. This is made possible by the company commercial policy, based on a direct and continuous relationship with the dealers of the areas to which it exports its ovens and hobs. 60% of the turnover is developed among Russia, Middle East, Far East, USA and Australia.
Innovation - Porcelain enamel is part of Smalvic's industrial DNA. The company was founded in 1958 under the name of Officine e Smalterie Vicentine and has never stopped manufacturing this type of coating ever since, as it is suitable for various uses, extremely durable and boasts features that make it unique compared to many other materials used to coat metals
Sustainability and taking measures to promote energy savings are values that characterise all Smalvic products as a result of an accurate design. Smalvic undertakes to make use of technology to improve everyday life whilst contributing to a sustainable future.

All their electric ovens are class A. An average size oven (volume ranging between 35 and 60 l) consumes less than 80 kWh a year.

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